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1:1 IPad Initiative

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9/22/14 School Board presentation on adopting 1:1

ALEKS NR 2015 Presentation

Northridge Middle School has made a transition to enhance student learning with the aid of technology.  Our school has witnessed the impact that technology can have to individualize and challenge each student.  With our new 1:1 initiative, we can expand the tools that students can access and thus expand the traditional classroom.  Students and teachers will be able to transform learning to achieve 21st century skills.

Using technology to innovate, individualize and inspire learning.

Authenticate learning so that students can use 21st Century Skills to solve real world problems. 

Northridge will use technology to support 21st Century Skills in our curriculum.  Students will have the opportunity to develop these skills in all academic content areas.  The skill set needed for today’s learners includes: 

-Creativity and Innovation
-Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
-Communication and Collaboration
-Information Literacy
-Media Literacy 
-ICT (Information, Communications and Technology) Literacy 

Create self-paced, individualized learning experiences for students.

Northridge students will have access and use technology to remediate and enrich learning opportunities.  Students will have access to software that individualizes assignments based on their specific needs.  

Create learning experiences outside of the classroom and school hours.

Students will use technology to have access to information inside and outside of the classroom.  Teachers will be able to capitalize on teachable moments to enhance instruction.  Students will have access to technology at home to continue their learning experience outside of the school.

Increase communication between the school and home to maximize learning and growth.

Students and staff will use devices to enhance communication between the school and home.  Teachers will have the opportunity to provide academic feedback on line.  Students will be able to access materials at home and use resources outside of the school.  

Promote a digital citizenship culture of learners.

There are many ways that technology enhances learning for students.  As students increase their access and use of technology, they need to understand the additional responsibilities that are essential.  Northridge will ensure that students are taught a digital citizenship curriculum that shows students how to responsibly use their devices.

What do teachers think about the 1:1 initiative starting the 2015-16 school year? 

Erin Yeager-Science
I'm looking forward to our school going to 1 to 1 next year.  I think will help my students have some more individualized classroom experiences, allowing me to more easily differentiate my classroom.  I look forward to using the iPads to help my students create unique projects over our curriculum, reaching their different learning styles.  I also hope to use them to get quick checks of where we are at with our understanding of science content.  I hope this will become a useful, enjoyable learning tool to enhance my students' work.

Mike Melvin-Math
I am excited for Northridge to go 1:1 next year. As a teacher, I know there will be many new resources for the student. Students will finally be able to access these resources and their school work at home. Our students will also greatly benefit from having iPads because they will now have more opportunities for instant feedback on their schoolwork. Teachers will also be able to create more engaging projects for our students with this new technology. I am looking forward to this new opportunity!

Kevin Brooks-Media Specialist
In this age of ever growing technological mobility we get the opportunity to introduce our students to and train them in these new technologies. This opportunity also helps breakdown the digital divide and will put all of our students on a more equal playing field.


North Montgomery Community School Corporation 1:1 Planning & Implementation Timeline

Fall 2012- Committee consisting of administrators, teachers, and board members was formed to research and evaluate current district technology and strategically plan for the future.

Spring 2013 - iPad pilot program was initiated at the middle school in the math department.  The object was to determine if there was a need for the devices and ease of integration with daily math concepts and lessons.  As a result, additional carts were purchased over the summer of 2013 for the remaining math department staff.

Summer 2013- High school teacher leaders attend eLearning workshop at South Montgomery.

Fall 2013 - District Committee members selected the iPad due to cost, hardware capability, education potential, support network, and standardized testing. Visited other 1:1 Indiana schools; researched existing 1:1 programs that utilize iPads, inquiry based learning, blended learning, and best instructional practices with devices; communicated with other 1:1 district leaders, principals and teachers.

November 2013 – Attended 1:1 Implementation presentation by Madison and Scott County #2 School Corporations at HECC. 

December 20, 2013 - School Board approved recommendation to proceed and the use iPads in lieu of or in coordination with textbooks at North Montgomery High School, effective SY 2014-2015.

January 2014 - NMHS teachers received iPads and professional development sessions to assist teachers in set up and time to explore the device in their classroom.

March 2014 - Technology staff trained all NMHS teachers in the use of Google Drive, My Big Campus and Notability.  Teacher leaders from NMHS visited Northwestern, Western and Noblesville School Corporations to see iPad 1:1 programs in action.

April 28, 2014 - The School Board approved the student iPad Acceptable Use Policy.

May 2014 - Teachers were surveyed to determine further professional development needs. Teacher leaders provided school-based professional development.

June 18-19, 2014 - High school teacher leader leads in-house training for secondary teachers on Designing Effective Units in the Digital Classroom and Prepare for the First Week of School with Edmodo.

June 2014 - Middle school teacher leaders attend eLearning training at Lafayette Jeff, South Montgomery, Clinton Central, Danville, and South Vermillion.

June 11, 2014 - A meeting for high school parents to provide information about the use of the iPad was held. A PowerPoint presentation was made available on the high school website for those unable to attend.

July 14, 2014 - Mailings were sent to all high school students and their parents. The packet included the iPad Acceptable Use Policy, directions for creating an iTunes account, and network login information. 

August 6-7 2014 - Students were issued.  Teacher trainers and student leaders assisted all students with setting up their devices.

September 22, 2014 - Technology Director presented assessment of high school use of iPads to the School Board and recommendation to expand program to middle school. The Board approved the use of iPads in lieu of or in coordination with textbooks at Northridge Middle School in school year 2015-2016 based on textbook reimbursement assistance to fund the expansion.

October 2014 – Teacher leaders from Northridge visited Northwestern and Western School Corporations to see iPad 1:1 programs in action.

January 19, 2015 - Northridge Middle School teachers received iPads. Professional development sessions, led by technology staff, to assist teachers in set up and time to explore the device in their classroom began.

February 25, 2015 - Detective Darin Odier, member of the Indiana Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, presents information to K-12 parents at an informational meeting regarding online safety.

TBA- Northridge Parent 1:1 Information Night

TBA -High School Gallery of eLearning Projects

TBA-iPad distribution to Northridge students

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